Woman filmed ‘having sex’ in club says she was so drunk she can’t remember doing it


Woman filmed ?having sex? in club says she was so drunk she can?t remember doing it


A woman who was caught on camera allegedly having sex in a nightclub is now warning others to watch the amount of alcohol they consume, to avoid making a similar mistake.
Woman filmed ?having sex? in club says she was so drunk she can?t remember doing it

After Video footage of her and a man getting intimate at The Beach, in Cleethorpes, went viral this week, the woman involved, who wishes to remain anonymous, has now spoken out about the dangers of drinking too much saying she is ashamed of the video but will have to move on.
Stating that she is ‘ashamed’ of the video, she said the incident had occurred after she ‘drunk more than I ever have’.
She told Grimsby Live: ‘I do believe it has been blown out of proportion, as there was no physical penetration.
‘I understand the issues with what happened and the implication of what was seen, but would like to move on.’
She continued: ‘Alcohol can be dangerous and quite frankly the fact that I can’t remember even walking into the club unsettled me.’
An  East Midlands Ambulance Services (EMAS) spokeswoman said to Metro UK: ‘People need to look after themselves by not drinking too much
‘Unfortunately it will be the busiest day of the year and people need to make sure they do not get to the point where they have consumed so much alcohol they cannot look after themselves.’
EMAS chief executive Richard Henderson added: ‘We will have additional staff out on the road and in our 999 control room on key dates where we anticipate demand to be especially high, and will deploy mobile treatment centres to specific locations to help reduce pressures on the NHS system.’

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