With this verse of the holy Qur’an you are covered as a Muslim


With this verse of the holy Qur’an you are covered as a Muslim


Today Muslims don’t know the value of the holy book (Al Qur’an) any more, all because there don’t want to learn how to make use of it. To tell you the fact, Qur’an is not only a complete guidance to mankind but also a medicine to mankind (both Muslim and Non-muslim). In the Qur’an there is a medicine for cure of witchcraft, headache, stomach pain, snake bite, scorpion etcetera.
Example of how to treat stomach illness in the Qur’an is as simple as follow:

• Get a clean glass of water (rain water of Jam Jam water preferable)
• Recite Ayatul Fatiha 7 times and breath into the water (it is preferable you be on ablution)
• Now give the person to drink starting with “Bismillah”.
Watch and see how the Almighty will surprise you without spending a dim for your sickness.
This is how every sickness in the Qur’an has its own guidelines to cure.
Nevertheless, am here to teach you how to be covered daily with this Surah of the Qur’an.
Ayatul Kursi is a very powerful surah in the Holy Quran, It is known as The Throne Verse of the holy Qur’an. The verse clearly speak on how nothing can be compared to Allah Almighty, he is one and the Almighty. This means that by making use of this verse on a daily basis has automatically proven you to be a humble servant of Allah, and that you only depend on him for your protection and guidance.
Let’s try to look into the meaning of Ayatul Kursi in summary and see how powerful it is:
• That Allah is one and only
• He is ever loving, he is self sufficient
• He can never sleep nor try to do so
• He own whatever that is in the heaven and earth
• Nobody can operate except with his permission
• Nor can they have any single knowledge except with his permission
• Allah’s throne extend both heaven and earth
• And he feel no atom of tiredness in guiding and preserving all this things
• He is the most high, the supreme in all.
Below is how to use Ayatul Kursi on a daily basis:
• Recite Ayatul Kursi in the morning and nothing will harm you all through the day
• Recite Ayatul Kursi in the night before going to bed and nothing will harm you before the next day
• Recite Ayatul Kursi 100X or more for any assignment
• Recite Ayatul Kursi when in a difficult situation for Allah’s intervention
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