Watch: Women Gives Birth To A Mermaid Baby & Doctors Are In Disbelief!


A women have birth to a healthy baby boy that has a tail of a mermaid.

The women came into the hospital in the earl hours of 2am with labour pains and contractions and like any other pregnant women was booked into the hospital and placed in the delivery room.

The young women of 23 gave birth in the early house of 6 am but doctors were in disbelief with the baby.She gave birth to a healthy baby girl with a mermaid tail.

Doctors had to run a series of test to find out if the baby was fully human, a mermaid or a half breed.

Doctors also ran tests on the mother which revealed that she was 100% human but the baby was 50% mammal and 50% was unknown species.

Because of this the baby was kept for observations and examinations to see if she will leave without water and for how long.

When questioned about the partenity of the father and his whereabouts the young mother refused to say.

The young baby is growing fully functional like any other but her tail does not transform into legs but grows scales and the tail grows bigger.

She is kept under observation she eats and drinks like a normal human.

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