Three Lessons Everyone Girl Should Learn From The Girl Who Killed The Man She Hooked Up With


The video going round the internet reveals a girl by name Odume Princess Paschaline who hacked a man to death with Machete. According to the story, she hooked up with a young guy around Abak Road by Afahaoffot in Akwa Ibom, she was apprehended after she tried to jump the face with blood stains over her body.

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People who caught quickly invested why she was trying to escape and why bloodstains were all over her body and quickly noticed that the guy she came to stay with is already lying lifelessly.

It was gathered that she used a machete to claim the live of his young man, a lot of crowd gathered and was beating her mercilessly even some had to throw bunches and water on her, seeing the crime she has committed.

If not for the intervention of the police, Princess Paschaline won’t have made it alive.

She was immediately taken out of the sight of the crowd for interrogation and possible questioning.

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Princess Paschaline is set to be an NYSC Corp member, serving in Akwa Ibom state.

Princess telling her own side of the story reveal that his boyfriend had invited her initial but she refused but later decided to go, she revealed that she got there and the boyfriend wanted to use her for rituals, as he brought out a Calabash and want to break it on her head.

She disclosed that she immediately noticed and removed the Calabash which fell to the ground and broke.

The boyfriend got furious and angry, seeing that his plans didn’t work, demanded the phone he bought her and started beating her mercilessly.

She revealed that she felt that she is going to die and in self defense use the machete on him, she disclosed that it was only once but didn’t know it went to his heart.

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Here are three Lessons Everyone Girl Should Learn From This.

1. Contentment is a virtue, Princess Paschaline was a serving Corper who is been paid 33k everyone month, excluding her PPA, she wasn’t contented with what she have and wanted to hookup.

2. Not all guys that are rich got their money through the right source, many girls love flashy, luxury and glittery things, remember not all that glitters are gold.

3. Also what made people to Suspect and wanted her dead was because she tried to jump the face, the best thing to do in this guy of situation is to first call the police, if you did it out if self defense, no need to run or hide.

Reporting the issue to the police will even make it easier for you.

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