Six people die from coronavirus after attending same funeral and falling ill


Six people who attended the same funeral have all died from the coronavirus.The victims were all over the age of 60, according to reports.
The group attended the funeral in Kershaw County in South Carolina in the first week of March, before restrictions on mass gatherings were issued.
A county coroner told The State that it was likely all victims contracted Covid-19 from the event, which was attended by a large number of people.
Others who attended the funeral are now in self-quarantine.

The coroner added: “They attended that same funeral and unfortunately passed away from Covid.
“They came back to Sumter, got sick, and I was notified they had passed.
“Unfortunately, a large amount of people congregated at that funeral, somebody there was infected with it, spread it, and just didn’t know it.”
There have been 3,553 confirmed coronavirus cases in South Carolina, with 97 deaths.

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