See How 50 kobo Caused Nationwide Protest in Nigeria in 1978


In 1978, Nigerian students staged a protest (Ali Must Go) which, till today, remains the mother of all Alutas (student protests) in Nigeria.

It was a nationwide agitation that brought the National Union of Nigeria Students(NUNS) into an open confrontation with the Military government of Olusegun Obasanjo and the stern looking men of the Nigerian Army.

The bloody episode which popularized the power of Nigerian students started in April 1978, when the government asked the students to make more contributions by adding 50 Kobo to their cost of meal per day.

Following the announcement, which didn’t go down well with the National Union of Nigeria Students, Segun Okeowo, the then president of the union made a move to address the issue.

The students held a meeting in Maiduguri, Ilorin and finally in Calabar before taking a bold step to challenge the military government on the increment.

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