Reason Why Men Prefer Chubby Ladies To Slim Ladies


All body size/stature is perfect and unique in their own way, but it has been a big argument over the years on what stature most men really prefer. If they have the option to choose between overweight, chubby or slim, which do they go for first?

Well, in my opinion i think most men will always go for the chubby lady first because chubby ladies are like the balance between overweight and slim ladies.

When you’re chubby, it means you’re not too fat and not too slim.

It’s very easy to shame people who are overweight for their stature as it is easy to shame slim people for being too skinny too. But, you can never shame a chubby lady for being chubby.

When a lady is chubby, dresses are likely to be more fitted and better looking at her body than a lady who’s too slim. That’s the reason why most time, when slim ladies see a dress sample online which a chubby person is being used to display, if they order it, sometimes they complain about it not being what they ordered, not knowing it’s their shapes that differ.

Guys, what do you think?

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