In the Sports Prediction world, especially football, the most popular option is the 1×2 which denotes winning for either the Home team or the visiting team.


 A straightforward way to try and beat the bookies on the soccer front is with the Over/Under goals markets and the market has numerous options to choose from either by guessing or by researching about the teams in question. 


This article is a simple guide on how to calculate probabilities for the expected number of goals in a match, so that you know what to bet on.


  • Knowledge of the teams or competition


Knowing the competition you’ve decided to choose, the teams to be staked on are very important. You should be familiar with the team names, coaches, players, and results which in turn will make your task less stressful. It will also provide you with the time to research and analyze each team that will be present on your bet slip.


  • Find the average number of goals per game


To win a football match, what is required of a team is a goal or goals. This means that when it comes to betting, bettors must study the average number of previous goals scored per match by the two teams. This has been made easy by technology through the use of the internet. 


  • Put your research to use


 After getting the needed statistics and data of both teams, you are required to put it into favorable use by mapping out how you want your betting to be placed pending the time you will research for the best bookmaker with good odds. 


This is important as it increases the likelihood of winning but it doesn’t always guarantee it due to many on-field factors such as players missing their chances when presented with one.


  •  Determine what odds are worth betting on


 Once you have established the statistical probability of the match to produce the goals option which you have researched and aim to wage on, you are then in a position to determine which odds you should accept.


  Naturally, this approach does not guarantee a winning bet. However, it does provide an easy to apply betting strategy with a positive expected value that should secure profits over some time.


  Do this research ahead of any match you are considering placing an Over/Under goals bet on and you can sit back and enjoy the action, knowing that you have put yourself in the best possible position to win your bet.


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