Oduduwa Republic: Getting Our Priorities Right ! By Otunba Eric Ayoola

Otunba Eric Ayoola

Oduduwa Republic: Getting Our Priorities Right ! By Otunba Eric Ayoola.
London, UK .

We are meant to be intellectually sound people in Yoruba land but frankly I have been amazed at the level of pedestrian thinking ( even moreso from people with masters degrees, PhD degrees and decades of sojourn in advanced countries ) on the matter of Oduduwa Republic.

For me, the first and foremost priority is the advancement of the Yoruba people within or outside of the Nigerian geo political entity.

Secondly, unlike some, I do not languish under the self imposed ignorance of seeing the creation of a stand alone Republic as the panacea to all evils .

Infact, it would be the beginning of a whole new struggle … one that we cannot then turn around and blame on Hausa Fulani or Lord Lugard or Uthman Danfodio or who so ever catches our fancy.

Our energy right now should be focused on how the six Yoruba states and the Yoruba parts of Kogi and Kwara can make progress and achieve better governance within Nigeria .

Yet some simply want us to dissipate energy and lose focus entirely of the present in exchange for the uncertain prospect of a breakaway enclave.

A breakaway which in itself would not solve the problems that we face…problems of corruption ( amongst the rulers and the ruled), ineptitude in managing our affairs and inability to live at peace and resolve matters amongst ourselves and with other ethnic groups.

2023 gives us good chance to have a competent and capable Yoruba man at the helm of affairs of the country.

It gives us a chance to reward good governors and replace bad ones in Yoruba land.

It gives us a chance to elect better calibre legislators at state and federal level .

Let us use that as litmus test of how we would then elect our politicians in a future Oduduwa Republic, not so?

If we cannot get the elections of our politicians right under current dispensation, by electing good and competent people, please tell me what magic transfiguration and transformation would happen in Oduduwa Republic for us to get it right?

I pray that we get it right in 2023 .

Many thanks all.

Otunba Eric Ayoola,
London, United Kingdom (UK) .


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