Money Heist Season 5 Confirmed – What We Know Already


Let’s get the most important news out of the way: “Money Heist” season 5 is definitely happening. While Netflix hasn’t explicitly verified as much, series director Jesús Colmenar told Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia that “there is going to be a fifth ( season).” Given the show’s explosive popularity, it would seem like a money heist of its own were Netflix not to make good on Colmenar’s promise. Here’s everything we know so far.

What is Money Heist About?

Without giving too much away, “Money Heist” (aka “La Casa de Papel” in Spanish) centres on a group of skilled thieves. Operating at the behest of a criminal mastermind named The Professor, the group enacts a robbery of truly epic proportions in parts 1 and 2. When things don’t go exactly as planned, it leads to all sorts of chaos.
We’re trying to refrain from spoilers in this section, so all we can say about parts 3 and 4 is that they take place years later and bring plenty more robbery, violence, and betrayal. Vital backstories are explored while the police close in on their most wanted targets. “Money Heist” season 4 culminates with a showdown between two important characters on opposite sides of the law.
When “La Casa de Papel” first debuted on the Spanish channel Antena 3, it was a modest ratings hit. However, viewership began to slip as the story progressed. Behind the scenes, creatives wondered if the waning interest was due to commercial breaks or the week-long wait between episodes. To put it another way, the narrative flow was being inhibited by the constraints and demands of prime-time network TV.
Enter streaming giant Netflix, which started airing episodes in Spain soon after season 1 concluded. A few months later, it acquired global streaming rights and then re-cut the series into 50-minute episodes, renaming it from “La Casa de Papel” to “Money Heist” in the process. Despite a lack of proper marketing, the show became a smash hit. By early 2018, it was the most-watched non-English language series on Netflix.
“Money Heist” was originally envisioned as a two-part series with potential for a follow-up. Netflix actualised that potential by way of a much bigger budget, leading to seasons (or parts) 3 and 4. Both seasons pulled in seriously massive viewership numbers and “Money Heist” is now the most in-demand show on the planet, according to some sources.

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