Meet the team members of Blue View concepts, the company behind the Brand, Miss Magnificent

Chief Executive Officer/ Head of Brand


Joe Anthony Ekpo, fondly known as Joe Blue could best be remembered for his peculiar dress sense during 2012 edition of Nigeria idol and 2016 the Voice Nigeria talent hunt show which many remarked was absolutely refreshing and sensational. Joe blue has gait and exudes confidence everywhere he goes, widely versed and experienced in on-premise & cloud databases, project management and branding. Joe Anthony Ekpo is a certified Microsoft Associate and a Senior Infrastructure Engineer in the United States of America for an health care company and is well respected in the cloud IT world of professionals in the industry.

 An embodiment of uniqueness and poise, Joe Blue was able to prove his mettle with his renditions of both local and international songs which kept both audience and viewers spellbound throughout his days in the shows. Currently, Joe Blue is the founder and ceo of Blu-View Concepts and Miss Magnificent int’l which serves as an international Brand in Nigeria, Dubai and the United States of America. As a selfless perfectionist, he stands for youth empowerment and serves as a foundation to create a platform for every youth both local and internationally.


Assistant Head of Brand (AHOB)

A Husband, Father a marketing executive Manager and Assistant Head of brand BlueConcept Nigeria (AHOB) who has a passion for Speaking, Organization and Coordination. His visionary perspective has earned him opportunities at EMAKPOZHI NIGERIAN LIMITED (an oil and gas firm) where he works professionally as a marketing executive Manager and head logistics with a track record of managing and optimizing operations for downstream Oil and gas and international oil trading. Academically, he is a graduate of University of Lagos where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Laws (Legum Baccalaureus) LLB.

He hails from Mopa-muro in Kogi State and was raised in a family of eight.
He is happily married to his Wife- OGHENEKOME OWOJU and blessed with a Son – Damisire Bryan Owoju.


Public Relations Officer

Well-versed in public relations strategies with unique ability to find positivity in any situation. Persuasive and eloquent with expertise in Public relations.
Professional experience in devising successful media strategies and orchestrating special events.
Meticulous in managing and carrying out special events by arranging for media presence, composing written documents, booking photographers, reserving event venues and preparing eye-catching graphics.
Multi-talented and consistently rewarded for success in planning and operational improvements. Experience in policy development and staff management procedures positively impacting overall morale and productivity.
I am easy going and love meeting people. Educationally, she has a Bachelors degree in public relations.


Human Resource Director

Ayiniowu Ayodele Emmanuel is currently the Hr. Director for Blue View Concept. He is based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a Clientele as well as human Relationship professional. Also, a Business Development personnel who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) (In-view) both from Lagos state University. He is Loyal, Honest, energetic, highly diplomatic, peaceful and Industrious. He is also an Event Manager. He love singing, meeting people, playing games and traveling as well.


Onyinyeh “Ruby” Okeke is the Creative Director/Public Relations Representative for the US Team of Blue Concept.
She is known as “Ruby O” anytime she is on stage or hosting an event or online show. Ruby holds multiple titles in education, music and songwriting.
She currently holds a BS in Elementary School Education from California State University of San Marcos in 2007 and a Masters in Mental Health Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2012.
Additionally, Ruby is the new Crisis Intervention worker for the city of Chicago where she resides. Ruby believes that. “The only way to make your dreams come true is to GO FOR IT!”


Project Manager

Ikechukwu Emmanuel ModemeIs a Project Manager for Blue view concept and he is currently based in Nigeria.
Ikechukwu has an active mind, fixing problems, and he is a Critical thinker.
His hobbies are watching movies, listening to music and Playing Football.
He believes that being an Aquarius, his personality is characterized by imagination and honesty, which allows him to see possibilities that others fail to imagine in demanding situations. This personality also allows him to be an effective problem solver.


Assistant Creative Director

Asuquo Sylvia Charles Mmakamba aka the “music goddess” is a Singer, Songwriter, Fashion Stylist and an Entrepreneur. She is also the Assistant Creative director for Blue View concept.
Asuquo Sylvia Charles Mmakamba participated in the finale of the first edition of the voice Nigeria in which she was a finalist. She currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria where she practices her passion; music and fashion.
For recreational activities, Networking, playing word games, fashion styling, Singing, Surfing the internet is key for her in her drive for consistency.

She is very Creative, Passionate, Blunt, Stylish, innovative and a team player.


Assistant Media Architect

Professionally, an Associate Art Director and Blue view Concept’s Assistant Media Architect. He is a Nigerian and embodied with Creative thinking, Content creation, and Graphical interpretation is his forte.
He has passion for Graphic designing, Art and learning new things
He likes to observe things around him, which helps him create better designs and learn more relateable ways of passing information’s through his designs and artwork.

He is also a team player and very simple &easy-going person.


Protocol Director

He is a thespian, content creator / Health care outreach coordinator in a mobile foundation for health security and rehabilitation affiliated with Heartland alliance( A Non-governmentalorganization. He is also the protocol director for Blue View concept Nigeria.
Academically he is a graduate of Ekiti state University where he majored in English Education. He completed his (NYSC) in 2019.
He is an expert in Developmental planning, stress management, script writing and video editing.
He loves watching movies, playing lawn tennis, surfing the internet and networking.
Obasi Uche Precious is a workaholic, energetic, blunt, passionate, a team player.


Assistant Media Architect

Godwin Christian is young man that hails from Delta State in Nigeria. He is a hard working and honest individual, always willing to learn new skills. ofcourse, he is friendly, helpful and polite, have a good sense of humour. He is further able to work independently in busy environments and also within a team setting.

He is also a team player and very simple & easy-going person.

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