Look what this guy was caught doing to this lady. See social media comments



People are talking about this guy who was massaging this lady. They ask on social media if a man can allow their wifes or girlfriend to be massaged by a man or not. People may be jealous of their partners and some may not have confidence of trust for their partners because of some reasons.

There are many professions out here, there aren’t specific which one are for man and which one are for woman. Beauty and spa is a profession also for man, if a partner has a problem with anther gender massaging their partner it is suggested for them to stay away or make a request.

People are onto this post someone shared on social media. Other people says that they rather do it themselves. Everyone in social media is disagreeing to this question, “Would you allow your woman to be touched by anther woman? ”

Not everyone is OK with this profession. Well there’s nothing you can do cause other beauty spa only women works there. So does that the urgency shouldn’t have male customers because of workers? People go to spa for ultimate massage form professions, for access of hot oils and one hour massage. Partners only massage their partners for 10 minutes with no use of hot oil and stones.

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