List Of Current Highest Paying CPC Keywords

Keywords are the engine that drives a successful online business; be it blogging, B2B or B2C lead generation, digital marketing, targeted email marketing or cold email marketing.

Despite the sweet talks you hear from YouTube or Facebook digital marketers, making money consistently online, especially if you’re NOT promoting IMMORALITY is not a small task. This is because the average person online is moved by ‘sinful scenes’, which most decent people won’t be comfortable to get involved in.

So what is the sure way forward? 

Well, it depends on the kind of Niche you’re covering online. The starting point will be to get enough QUALITY organic traffic and you get this by writing high quality contents with superb on page SEO, that will make Google bot begin to recognize you as an authority.

If you’ve made up your mind to build an online business and you desire to make good money with Google Adsense and building a successful business, you need to identify the high paying keywords for your Niche and build valuable contents around them.

Writing great contents is an ongoing thing for a digital journalist or any other content creator. So keep at it and lets dive deep into the blue ocean of the Highest Paying CPC Keywords.

First, we’ll look at 10 current highest paying Adsense keyword for 2020.

Second are long-tail keywords with fantastic CPCs.

Finally, we’ll zero in on how best to make money consistently with Adsense.

Top 10 current highest paying Adsense keywords industries:

Insurance $59 CPC
Gas/Electricity $57 CPC
Loans $50 CPC
Attorney $48 CPC
Mortgage $44 CPC
Lawyer $43 CPC
Donate $42 CPC
Conference Call $42 CPC
Degree $40 CPC
Credit $38 CPC

It looks like these set of Keywords have been paying very well for a long time, and the reason is not far fetch. Brands and companies in these industries are ready to spend dollars for targeted leads that will convert to clients.

Now that you know where the money is, your next move should be to build your online business around one of these high paying industries and start researching keywords with tools like SEOquake and the rest, which are free.

Armed with short and long tail keywords from your research, get to work and create fantastic contents that will be more detailed than those of your competitors. Follow it up with the required on page SEO to drive in valuable organic traffic.

That is the key. Do this consistently and your AdSense revenue will begin to look like what you’re dreaming about. Your dreams of making a decent living with your online business will come true before your very own eyes.

If your Niche is not captured above, let’s look at other equally high paying keywords;

Treatment $37 CPC
Classes $35 CPC
Software $35 CPC
Recovery $34 CPC
Rehab $33 CPC
Trading $33 CPC
Hosting $31 CPC
Transfer $29 CPC
Cord Blood $27 CPC
Claim $25 CPC

Expectedly, a Keyword like Mesothelioma is one of the very top in the list of highest paying Keywords. One genuine click on advert related to that word can give you as high as between $500 to $1,000. Yes, it’s that high. And the reason is because Mesothelioma is a type of Cancer that is caught in the work place in a certain industry.
As a result, strategic American Attorneys usually position themselves through Google AdWords to be hired by victims, with keywords like “mesothelioma attorneys”, “mesothelioma law firms” and “mesothelioma compensation”.
Here are some of the Highest Paying CPC Keywords for other industries/niche:

For the Auto industry

*car accident lawyer moreno valley
*ft lauderdale car accident lawyer
*auto accident lawyers in chicago
*car accident lawyer ny
*car accident lawyer in phoenix
*california motorcycle accident lawyer
*car accident lawyer augusta
*car accident lawyer in fort lauderdale
*personal injury lawyer ft lauderdale
*dallas truck accident lawyer

For the Health industry

*can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis
*doctorate in security
*doctor after car accident
*doctors car insurance
*car accident doctor atlanta
*rehab doctors
*business doctoral programs online
*best doctoral programs in education
*top online doctoral programs in business
*educational leadership doctoral programs online

For the Legal Professionals

*personal injury attorney cape coral fl
*accident attorney rancho cucamonga
*mesothelioma attorney houston
*truck accident attorney san antonio
*motorcycle accident attorney orange county
*auto accident attorney colorado springs
*accident attorney riverside ca
*mesothelioma attorney california
*phoenix accident attorneys
*louisville accident attorney

For the Insurance industry

*compare car insurance
*auto insurance troy mi
*car insurance comparison quote
*cars with cheapest insurance rates
*best learner driver insurance
*insurance quotes young drivers
*automobile club inter-insurance
*car insurance personal injury
*auto insurance conroe tx
*auto insurance philadelphia pa

10 Top Countries For AdSense Earnings

#1 United States (US)
#2 Canada
#3 United Kingdom (UK)
#4 Germany
#5 Thailand
#6 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
#7 Japan
#8 Switzerland
#9 Italy
#10 China

And it’s a wrap:

Creating and nurturing a valuable online business requires picking a passionate and profitable niche, consistently produce great content and executing SEO on every post the right way. Apart from knowing the Keywords to go after, these are the keys to get your own share from the Highest Paying CPC Keywords.
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