JSS1, JSS2, SS1, SS2, Polytechnic, And University Students Should Take Note Of This Information


Due to the coronavirus pandemic which had been troubling the nation for about five months now, schools in the country have been locked down and the activities of schools have been hugely hampered.

The incumbent administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari ordered that all schools should be shut down so as to stem the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic, with the overall objective of ensuring the safety of the lives of academicians, students and other school workers.
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Earlier before now, the federal government raised the hopes of students and other academicians by announcing that students awaiting the exams of the West African Examinations Council should go back to their various schools from 4 August 2020 in readiness for the forthcoming WAEC examinations which is scheduled to start on 17 August 2020.
This step taken by the administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari to allow the reopening of schools for WAEC candidates is a good omen for every other category of students that schools will soon be reopened generally in the country. As such, students in secondary schools, colleges of education, polytechnics and universities should be very positive because schools would be reopened soonest.
All students in secondary schools, colleges of education, polytechnics and universities should be getting ready to go back to school, because I see schools reopening soon after the completion of WAEC examinations. Students should begin to revise their books in order be on the top of their academics by the time they are called back to their various schools.

As everyone is awaiting the reopening of schools, you should make sure you prioritize your safety by strictly adhering to the laid down preventive guidelines of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control.
There shall be no record of death and kidnapping of any Nigerian student before the much anticipated reopening of schools. Everyone of us shall witness it in good condition.
NOTE: Everything stated in this article is the opinion of the writer and not fake news. Please do not see it as fake news, it is the opinion of the writer.
How will you react by the time schools are reopened nationwide?
Will you be happy, sad, or indifferent?
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