If you Ever See a Child Sitting Like this, Stop him Before It’s Too Late [Pictures]


I won’t lie, before I came across this very helpful and useful article online, I never knew when a child starts sitting in this position, you ought to stop or correct them immediately before It gets too late. I have seen many kids in the past who sat like this for a long time but I never stopped them, not because I was wicked, I was just ignorant at that time. I even knew of some parents back then who paid no attention to this because they were also ignorant.

The main purpose of this article is to educate adults [not only parents] why you must stop a child who sits in the frog or the ‘w’ position.

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Before I proceed further, let’s see what this position is. The ‘w’ or frog position is a popular position amongst children where they sit on the floor with their legs bent putting their knees forward, feet back and shins along their legs.

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Before you all start getting angry with this write-up, please just take a minute and try out this position. How did it feel? It felt quite unpleasant and uncomfortable right. Just imagine if it was so hard for any adult to perform, how hard and painful do you think it’s going to be for kids? I leave that simple question for those of you who may not agree with this write-up.

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The ‘w’ position is not good, don’t let your kids try it even if he loves doing it. The side-effects may not start showing right away, but with time there will be complications that won’t end up well in the future. This sitting position is very harmful because it creates an irregular load on the body. According to some top doctors, the frog position can cause more harm if you have certain body problems like low muscle tone which in turn can cause some major diseases in the body.

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Also, this can make it hard for them to balance probably and walk straight because of this.

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