Fulani Killings: Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu Over Fulani Herdsmen Killings From An Angry Northerner


Dear Nnamdi Kanu, I write this open letter to remind you that all forms of injustice meted against Fulani herdsmen are being recorded and God will definitely punish whoever put tensions in his servant heart.

I had watched a video clip which you shared on your Facebook timeline days back before your Facebook account got terminated by Facebook official in which some unidentified people were seen killings cows which belongs to fulani herdsmen.

Dear sir, I can understand your pain, I know that no any responsible man will fold his arms while his brothers, sister, daughters, mothers and his people are being killed, raped kidnapped without taking any action but, you should have channeled all your problems to the security authorities for taking law into your hand will always remain condemnable and killing fulani herdsmen cows will be regarded as barbaric considering the fact that not all fulani herdsmen are criminals.

Dear sir, you should take not of the fact that Nigeria is a sovereign country where constitution gave its citizens right to reside peacefully everywhere they wish and decide without contacting your views and opinions then, who are you to chase them away while you are not a Nigerian Security personnel?

Since when Sunday Igboho stood up to chase fulani herdsmen away from Southeast, I have been writing an open letter to you and him but then manner in which your e- warriors respond in all my open letter depicts that they lack manner and respect for elders. Please sir, find a time to warn them and show them the bad implication of using horrible and abusive words to those the age them.

Dear sir, I would like to give you an advice to drop your ambition for realising the prohibited nation of Biafra for Nigeria will remain one and united. Based on what I believe, you formed the security guard which you name as Southern Security Network not to protect Southerners against fulani herdsmen killings but to deeper your preparation to battle with Nigerian Government which you yourself know that Nigeria can never be repeated by your ” useful idiots” warriors.

Dear sir, time is valuable asset, use it wisely by venturing yourself into something that will help your life spectacularly for you are just wasting your energy. Biafra land has gone forever and it will remain an online Country till eternity.

I sensored the heinous pestilence you have against Nigeria when your partner, Deji Adeyanju showed his dissatisfaction towards the holding of guns by members of Eastern Security Network which your e- warriors attacked him.

The commotion you had with him depicts that there is something hidden in the dark which you don’ t want Federal Government to notice but I would like to tell you that Nigeria will remain one and in peace.

The gun you see fulani herdsmen holding may not necessarily be for killing human being rather to protect their cows against lions in the bushes but who give your members license to be holding guns?

We love you live in peace and you are trying to create tension in our dear nation. Kindly stop it.

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