Even Jesus was crucified – Burna Boy reacts after his song was rejected by #EndSARS protesters (video)


Even Jesus was crucified - Burna Boy reacts after his song was rejected by #EndSARS protesters (video)


Burna Boy has reacted to a video of #EndSARS protesters rejecting his song during the campaign.


Recall that the singer ignited an outrage with his continous silence amid the protest against police brutality in spite of challenging Nigerians to “fight for their right” in the past.


In the video shared on social media, the protesters were heard saying “Burna Boy has been cancelled, we don’t want Burna Boy.”



However reacting to this, Burna Boy tweeted “even Jesus was crucified”.


Even Jesus was crucified - Burna Boy reacts after his song was rejected by #EndSARS protesters (video)



by Linda Ikeji at 10/10/2020 6:14 PM
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Anonymous about 2 hours ago

How this guy went from most loved to most hated, only him can explain o….. No worry Sha, those times back in the day when timaya used to misbehave and people complain, he apparently used to tell his people not to worry that he will give another hit song and everybody will calm down.. (it used to work)

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Femi about 1 hour ago

Oooh burna, just shut up already! Your music is different from who you’re. I enjoy your music for my listening pleasure. I think you’re really endowed in that craft. But your decisions to social issues are always very poor, immature and unprofessional. Btw, it’s not because you’re real. So don’t allow that to deceive you. Piece of advice Burna, you’re not good with collateral damages. You need very sound and professional managers. Protest or not, your responses are always poor. I still bang your songs sha, like kilode. Especially the latest, twice as tall.

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Anonymous about 1 hour ago

He is an idiot. Very arrogant!!!

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Don Squadron about 2 hours ago

Burna my brother, don’t mind them joor… Those are the people that sold their votes as low as 5k last year.

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FALZ about 2 hours ago

This Burna Boy is a selfish idiot filled with ego

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Anonymous about 2 hours ago

I think Burna’s arrogance will be his demise .. he should not forget that it’s not oyinbo that bought or streamed or sang his album to the world . “He is twice as large” becos of the love Nigeria showed him- so he should not gass himself with the record Or distribution deal he has oversees cos once oyinbo see sey your core fan base is gone , they will drop you like a hot potato. – dr bricks –

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Kenneth Mereole about 1 hour ago

Whoever you are just shut up your smelling mouth. Was it Nigerians that made him blow up? If not for the “Oyinbos” as you call them, that streamed his album thinking it was that of Kanye West because of the name, did y’all give him the recognition he deserved? Nonsense idiot. Next time open your mouth to say rubbish and if you are bold enough, show your identity make hand touch you

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Anonymous about 2 hours ago

Stay on task. Now is not the time for these divisions.

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Gmercy about 1 hour ago

Burna,dont mind them..it is not by force to protest…foolish people saying BURNA HAS BEEN CANCELLED…hahahaha,,,like they buy original songs of Burna…no be for free on line download una dey download..lol

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The END about 1 hour ago

Lol.. Take am like that bros

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M about 1 hour ago

He’ll still release another track

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Dr.Don Emal about 1 hour ago

He goat looking demon-possessed shiteater Ex-British criminal hates his people because of a cheap success. #stopbuyinghissongs

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Anonymous about 1 hour ago

Big fool. Na your pride go finish you

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Amsickindahead about 1 hour ago

It’s pride taking it toll on him,pride dey say goes b4 a fall..his ending no go gud atall until he learns to be humble n stop being a pussy

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Anonymous about 1 hour ago

They should give him a break. Haba, he only spoke his mind.

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Anonymous about 1 hour ago

What he said wasn’t bad, truly one cannot trust any Politician or any form of movement.

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HRM Paul about 1 hour ago

Assholes, leave burna alone. He does not owe u guys shit. We’re is tuface, d banj, and other A list artist, did dey, speak

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Igbomilitaryfunding about 1 hour ago

Sorry bro ,you didn’t use ur time well ,Nigerians owns the internet and when they say Fi ,the world watches . Why compare urself to Jesus???? That’s a huge insult to the faith .just because ur a musician .ur mother

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Anonymous about 59 minutes ago

Guy dey eat jollof rice inside protest

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Anonymous about 47 minutes ago

You people casting stones are Foolish. Oloriburuku ni all of you. Who among you idiot put food on his table when he was hungry? Who among you people respect him when he was struggling for survival. Ogun go kill all of you. Now, you people know that his attitude is bad. How many of you know the true story about him. Sango go locate you people

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Signed in

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