Celebrated Nigerian Teen Coaches Release New Book on Parenting


With the advent of the internet technology and other modern day tools,  parents now have to grapple with properly raising kids devoid of vices.

It is a known fact that the failures of parenting has brought about so many vices – rape, cultism, internet fraud, pornography, drug abuse, nudity e.t.c
Teen parents and founders of Lagos based NGO, Mr and Mrs Okoye, whose over a decade experience in teen coaching and counseling has resulted to the successful training of over two thousand parents and teachers, have written a modern day parenting manual, Parenting Strategies 
The book which is published by Emotion Press, is a quintessential parenting guide which reveals new strategies of raising great kids in an ever challenging world. It teaches Parenting from a rare position of knowledge aimed at empowering parents with the skills needed to raise children that will not be dominated by peer influence, negative curiosity, pop culture and other factors.

Sunday and Adesua Okoye

The book is available on Okada books and Amazon Kindle.

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