Blame Service Chiefs for banditry, not Buhari – Governor Masari


Blame Service Chiefs for banditry, not Buhari ?  Governor Masari


Governor Aminu Masari on Saturday August 15, said that the blame for banditry should go to the country’s service chiefs and not President Buhari.


The Governor of President Buhari’s home state who said this while presenting a N10 million economic empowerment cheque to 1,000 women and N7 million scholarship support cheque to 701 students in Rimi Local Government Area of the state, insisted that the Nigerian leader has done all it takes to ensure security in the region.


Masari added that he can’t understand why the service chiefs haven’t done more to help the region since they are all Northerners.


He said;


“We know them and their parents. To identify bandits in rural communities is not a difficult task, because you know his business, his farmland capacity, his livestock.

“And if one day he buys a new motorcycle amounting to over N200,000 naira, then you must know that he is selling people’s lives.”

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