A girl might be having feelings for you if you notice these 4 behaviors


Girls are unlike guys who easily express how they feel if they like a girl. But the good thing is that if a girl likes you, her behavior towards you, or around you will give you some clues. that’s why the following tips are provided as they are some signs girls give when they like a guy.

(1). If you observe that you are a priority to her: she responds to your texts, stays long hours with you on the phone, sends you thoughtful texts, constantly chatting with you on social media, or, calling to hear from you. All these are signs girls give if they like a guy. Besides, a girl who is not beginning to like you won’t have much time for all that.

(2). Physical closeness: She will become close to you, spend time with you, seek your advice, and show up most times when you tell her to come around. Another thing, honesty. She will be truthful with you. If a girl becomes close with you to an extent you can count on her, understand that she truly likes you.

(3). She will feel shy: I have encountered so many girls. See, If a girl is your normal friend, she won’t feel shy around you for a day. But the one who likes you will act differently.

(4). Just the way guys care for a girl if they like her, the same way girls do If they like a guy.

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Finally, if a girl has a crush on you, she will look for any means to talk to you. Though guys are the professionals in this. But if a girl truly likes you, she doesn’t mind becoming friends with your female friends, or your sister just to get close to you.

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