7 Longest-Serving Political Leaders In The World

With these few to mention here that operate draconian rulership, it is rather evident that the world is yet to fully attain the level of what it preaches.

  1. Equatorial President, Teodoro Obiang Nguema (Age: 77)

Teodoro Obiang Nguema assumed office on August 3, 1979 after usurping his late uncle. A non-royal political leader who has been 2nd President of Equatorial Guinea for 41 years now through elections.

  1. Cameroonian President, Paul Biya (Age; 87)

Paul Biya who has been in the political office since November 6, 1982 is the 2nd President ever of Cameroon. He is the longest-serving non-royal political leader with a record of 38 years as at now.Iran Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei (Age: 81)
Iran’s political system is governed by strict Islamic, hence, the name “Supreme leader”. Though elected into power, Khamenei operates on decrees and has served for 31 years now since 1989.

  1. Congo President, Denis Sassou (Age: 76)

He started ruling in Congo on October 25, 1997. However, he is currently serving his second time in power after a 5-year pause following his defeat in 1992 presidential elections. President Sassou has been in power for 23 years now (2nd time), but together with his first time it is 36 years.


  1. Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen (Age: 67)

Hun Sen started serving as Prime Minister of Cambodia on January 15, 1985. He got re-elected for his sixth term in 2018. He has served for 35 years and still counting.

  1. Ugandan President, Yoweri Musevenindan (Age: 75)

Got into office on January 29, 1986 as the 9th President of the country. He got elected for the first time in 1996 after introducing elections and re-elected in 2001. His cumulative years in office now is 34.


  1. Chad President, Idriss Deby (Age: 67)

President Deby assumed office in 1990, December 2. He has served and still serving for 30years. He won elections in 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016.

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