6 Different Kinds Of Characters Nigerians Show When Extremely Angry


6 Different Kinds Of Characters Nigerians Show When Extremely Angry

There are different kinds of people when they quarrel. See the list below.

  1. The Cursers

This set of people would not hesitate to curse anyone. They have sharp mouths and can curse anyone to death. Just don’t look for their trouble.

  1. The Silent Geng

These are the set of ‘I cannot waste my time’. They just go quiet and say nothing, which even makes the person they are quarrelling with wonder if they can even hear them.

  1. Team Earpiece

These set of people are always with their earpiece. Once they sense any conversation is leading to an argument, they would immediately listen to music. The person quarrelling with them would have no choice but to shut up.

  1. The Mouth But No Action Geng

These ones always have words to say but cannot lift a finger. The words that come out of their mouth is like a machine gun. Once it is time to fight, you see them moving to the back and still talking.

  1. The Fighters

Don’t be unfortunate to have a misunderstanding with these ones. They are angry, fierce and are always ready for a fight. They were born to break hands.

  1. The Criers

These are emotional blackmailers. Most of the time they start the fight but cannot handle the pressure that comes with it. The next thing, two seconds everywhere don burst.

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