5 Greatest WWE Wrestlers of All-Time

Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time.
Over the years of Wrestling, great wrestlers have emerged at different times and here is a list of the top wrestlers of all time:
1. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
He’s one of the greatest wrestlers, his entrance music is a 10/10, his finishing move is a 10/10,  His rating in the ring is 9.7/10 and on the mic, he’s a 10/10
His overall rating is 39.7/40

2. Shawn Micheals
Another great wrestler of all time.
Entrance music: 10/10
finishing move: 9.2/10
on the mic: 9.6/10
In the ring: 9.9/10.  His overall rating is 38.9/40

3. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
He was an exceptional wrestler as well
Entrance music: 8.9/10
Finishing move: 9.7/10
In the ring: 9.8/10
On the Mic: 10/10. His overall rating is 38.4/40

4. Hulk Hogan
The retired wrestler had his entrance rating to be 10/10
Finishing move: 6.6/10
On the Mic: 9.5/10
In the Ring: 10/10. His overall rating is 36.1/10

5. Ric Flair
Entrance Music: 9.6/10
Finishing Move: 9.5/10
On the Mic: 10/10
In the Ring: 6.5/10. His total rating is 35.6/40.

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