Drama In Kenya As House Owner Sends Bees After Thieves Who Burgled His Home

Drama ensued in Kakamega, Kenya after a robbery suspect was attacked by bees while carrying a television he is alleged to have stolen from a house in the suburbs of Kakamega town.

The said house was attacked by thieves who stole property and money forcing its owner to seek the services of a witch doctor to recover the stolen items.

It was not long until one of the thieves returned to the crime scene with a television set which he proceeded to set up in the house where he is alleged to have stolen it from.

Business was brought to a standstill as residents followed him in disbelief.

Several residents revealed that theft cases have been rampant in the town thus endorsing the measure that the owner of the house had taken.

However, some residents who came to witness the drama insisted that it was a trap to lure people into seeking services of the said

The suspect was taken into police custody after a series of rituals were performed on him by the witch doctor who was contracted to reposess the stolen items.

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