What A Man Needs To Know About Having Veins On His Private Organ

It is normal for you to have veins on your private organ, and these veins have their own specific function. The veins on some people’s private organ may be more visible, than other people’s own. It is important to know that your vein can change as a result of certain things like intimacy, injury or engaging in blood vessel surgery. Some people may have thick veins compared to others because of the thickness of their skin, size of the veins and the kind of activities that they do.

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When a man’s private organ becomes hard, oxygenated blood moves from the heart through your arteries to three chambers of spongy tissue called the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum, and then to the shaft of your private organ. Once your private organ is no longer hard, the blood goes away through the veins in your private organ. When there is an increase in the flow of blood in the private organ, your veins may appear bigger. When your private organ is no longer hard, you may no longer see the veins.

What may cause you to have a veiny private organ

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There are certain things that may cause a man to have a veiny private organ, and they include the following:

1. Varicocele

This can cause big veins to appear on your scrotum, and make it to look veiny. If this disorder is not treated, it can make it difficult for blood to leave the private organ when it is hard. It also has the tendency to affect the production of sperm.

2. Penile blood clots

When you have penile blood clot, it makes a certain amount of blood cells to cluster together within a blood vessel. This can develop in the penile dorsal vein, which is located at the top of the private organ shaft. This blood clot can cause pains, and make the veins in the private organ to become enlarged. This can be caused by an injury to the private organ and tumor.

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3. Engaging in intimacy

Immediately after intimacy and your private organ becomes flaccid, the blood from your private organ goes back to your heart through the veins in your private organ, which might make them to look more swollen than usual.

It is important to see a doctor, if you experience pains when you notice veins in your private organ.

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