How Many Times Should A Husband And Wife Meet In A Week

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Have you ever wondered the major cause of infidelity in marriage? Research has shown that a sense of emotional disconnection from your partner and lack of physical intimacy is one of the major reasons why most people cheat in marriage.

Bedroom satisfaction in marriage is one of the major things most couples should not trivialize. Expressing love through intercourse increases the probability of couples staying together. As a result, intercourse is positively correlated with a lower divorce rate. Couples who are satisfied in the bedroom in marriage find it hard to look outside for satisfaction.

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How many times do you think couples should make love in a week?

When it comes to making love in marriage, many things would come in such as work, children, personal duties and obligations but one must always formulate time to satisfy that urge and have fun with one’s spouse.

Under normal circumstances, couples should have sex at least once a week. I believe this should happen frequently to relax the muscles, relieve the body and relish the moment with one’s spouse.


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