Health Benefits Of Consuming Malt And Milk

Do you know that a mixture of malted milk is very healthy for the body? So many people consume this mixture but do not know how beneficial it is to the body. Malted milk is nutritious to the body and that is what I will be discussing in this article.

Malt and milk offer a lot of health benefits to the body. A cup of plain malted milk made with whole milk supplies 310 milligrams of bone-building calcium, which is about one-third of the 1,000 milligrams you need each day. One cup of chocolate malted milk made with whole milk contains 260 milligrams of calcium. Plain or chocolate malted milk supplies between 35 per cent and 40 per cent of the 700 milligrams of phosphorus you need each day to support strong bones. That same cup of plain or chocolate malted milk delivers about half of the 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B-12 you need each day to support a healthy central nervous system. You’ll also get a small amount of vitamin A, which is essential for healthy eyes, from plain or chocolate malted milk. All these benefits make malted milk very healthy for the body.

Consuming malted milk regularly is not all that healthy since it contains sugar, but it’s all naturally occurring, which means it’s a valuable part of your diet. Malted milk has too much added sugar to be considered good for you, despite the nutrients you do get from the beverage. If you’re craving malted milk, make it with reduced-fat or skim milk, which will cut the fat content of the drink, though not the sugar content. You can only get the right amount of nutrients from malted milk if you consume it in the right amount.


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