Are you always dissapointed in bed?:Banana and Groundnut combo is what you really need

Many men have been in so much disaster when it comes to bedmatics matters having quick erection really disappointed a man its a very bad things not to be able to satisfy ones girlfriend its a very bad things indeed in which women really hate…my brother don’t be deceived women really loves guy that can last longer and that dig deep this the fact better wake up and stop dreaming….You must be able to satisfy your woman’s need in all ways go and check your bible or Quran or ask your pastors or imams satisfy your woman or continue satisfying her until she says that she s okay or satisfied….don’t let your neighbour or the bad guy to be writing note for her whenever you are not around…. This banana and groundnuts combo really works……

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The procedure

Get some fresh banana and groundnut either cooked or fried one dont grind it together just eat both together….eat banana eat iitte groundnut.. Eat banana again eat little groundnut 10 minute before sex…….share to friends and foes save marriages and relationship it musnt get destroyed..

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