Good day Stella, please kindly help me post and let bvs tell me what to do.

I lost my dad who was my sponsor in school, it’s one year past graduation and I don’t know if I’ll ever serve or work as age too isn’t on my side (because my certificate is still in school)

Immigration came to my house and I pretended as though I wasn’t home, I really need to do something, I sleep and wake up with headache.

I need Bvs to tell me (especially those making money online) what to do to raise my school fees through online business, I have a drop shipping business but there’s almost little or no sales not to talk of being enough to save for fees and send home to my widowed mum.

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Since I’m in the online business, ideas will be welcomed on what else to do to make enough money to at least do my residence permit, immigration trouble is something I don’t want to have because of this I leave in fear and depend on drugs to help me sleep.

Life has really been unfair and I can now hear my heart beat if I hear voices outside thinking it’s immigration people again, I stay with a friend and I don’t want to give her issues.

Please help me post Stella please let me at least know I tried and never got a solution before I do anything hurtful. I’m tired of crying sometimes I wish dad was still here or I never had this admission ,this journey has been the toughest part of my life.

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Bvs who cash out from online business please what is it you do that I’m not doing it doing right? Thank you

* You travelled abroad to study and you could not finish because your Dad who is your sponsor died and after the expiration of your visa, you did not return to Nigeria and now you are hiding up and down and almost having a heart attack and might try something hurtful to yourself if you don’t find a solution to making money Online so that you can pay for your immigration papers?

First off, if you are living illegally abroad, you cannot make money Online oh… Do you have a Bank account? if No, then how will you collect your money? I am sure you know how opening a Bank account is abroad? If you do have and money enters regularly without your tax papers in place, you are looking at Jail time oh…. Sort out your immigration issues first my dear……
Is it that you dont go out at all?.. I wish you mentioned the exact Country for appropriate advice….
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