8 Interesting Reasons Some Nigerians Go to Church Every Sunday

Editor’s note: Nigerians are deeply religious. They show this by going to worship on special days assigned by their religion. In this opinion, Aanu Adegun gives reasons why most Nigerians go to church every Sunday.

Here are some hilarious reasons some Nigerians go to church every Sunday and sometimes during the weekdays.

1. Escape

Some Nigerians feel that by going to church, they will be able to escape from their troubles and challenges. Hence, you will see them troop to church every Sunday morning.

2. Motivation

Some Nigerians believe that their pastors can motivate them. Hence you will hear them shout in church- Ride on pastor.

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Reasons some Nigerians go to church every Sunday
Nigerians go to church every Sunday because of so many reasons. Photo: Kayode Ogunade Source: Facebook


3. Miracles

Many people go to church in search of instant miracles. They believe that these miracles can only come through their clerics. Hence, they flock to church every Sunday.

4. Fear

The terrible revelations from pastors always force many Nigerians to church. Nobody wants to die or allow any calamity to befall them.

5. To look for husband, wives, lovers

Some Nigerians basically go to church to meet or look for relationships. This is common among the young folks or those in search of marriage partners.

6. To charge their phones

Funny as it may sounds, some Nigerians go to church to charge their mobile phones.

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7. For financial breakthrough

Many Nigerians go to church in search of financial prosperity. When they are seeking jobs opportunities, or visa, you will see them partake in mobbing, decorating and keeping the church in good state.

8. To show off

Some Nigerians go to church to show of their new dresses, cars and other material items.

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