Romantic Names You Can Call Your Girlfriend

Although relationships can last with or without pet names, most times these names are needed to boost a relationship. This is why every man needs to figure out the perfect romantic name to call his girlfriend in order to keep the relationship flowing.

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In this article, i am going to be talking about some romantic names you can call your girlfriend.

1. Babe

Babe is one of the commonly used romantic names today. A lot of people still in the stage of boyfriend – girlfriend use it a lot. It could also be used by couples as well.

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2. Bae

Bae and babe are not the same thing. Although they may mean the same thing, it is spelt and said different ways which makes them unique.

3. Darling

Darling is mainly used by married couples while the wife mostly responds with the name my Lord. It is quite a romantic name and it has been used over the years.

4. Sunshine

This is another romantic name that has a lot of meanings.

5. Beautiful

6. My Love

This can be used on a man, it could also be used on a woman. So it is a name that has both meanings.

7. My one and Only

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8. My Boss lady

This makes a relationship really fun and Romantic.

9. My sweet

A lot of ladies loved to be called this.

10. Apple of my eyes

This is more of a phrase but people still use it as a name.

11. My Rose

12. Honey Pea

13. Honey

This is one of the mostly used romantic name by couples.

14. My Lady

15. My Queen

Some men use this to adore their ladies.

16. Cutie

17. Sugary pea.

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