4 Reasons You Have White Hair At A Young Age

Grey or white hair is one of the noticeable features of older people. Grey hair is a very common characteristics of older people but I find it funny that some younger people are sometimes seen with grey or white hair.

This has made a lot of people wonder why this happens most time, so I made some research and found out some of the common causes of white hair at a young age.

1. Genetics

Your gene plays an important role in determining how your hair will be at. If you noticed, many people that suffer this most times gives birth to kids that suffer it.

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Sometimes it is not a health condition but just a common feature they were born with. You cannot solve this. If you find it quite ridiculous to have a grey hair at a young age, then I suggest you go into dyes.

2. Stress

The body is one of the major things that showcases the level of stress a person has gone through. If you are among the group of people that have a very busy work schedule, there are higher chances of grey hair.

First check made sure that it is not a genetic disease but just the stress you are going through. The best way to solve this, is by reduce the level of stress you are currently going through.

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3. Smoking

As much as smoking has many other serious side effects on the body, it also affects hair texture. This is quite surprising to a lot of people but it is actually true.

When you smoke, it causes premature hair growth of grey hair in most people. It also affects heart, brain,lungs, liver and kidney health. So try avoiding them.

4. Lack of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B 12 is a very important vitamin you should not joke with. This is because its benefits better organs as well as also promote both skin beauty and hair texture.

Lack of Vitamin B12 could lead to grey hair and other health conditions to surface as well.

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Source: Healthline.con

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