Weeks after flaunting her new house, blogger uncovers more details about Tacha’s mansion

Controversial Instagram blogger, Cutie-julz has revealed more details about the new house acquired by the reality star, Tacha a few weeks back.




According to the blogger, Tacha never acquired a new house, rather it was a rented apartment contrary to the news which flew around that she bought herself a new mansion.




The blogger placed the blame on the newsmen for jumping to a conclusion that she purchased a new house after she uploaded the video.

The post reads:

Please I no say most of you vex mama today but biko please forgive me.

But in as much as Ona dey para for mama, it doesn’t change the fact that our beautiful ever gorgeous Tacha did not buy a house but rented it. 😩😩

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And yes the rent isn’t cheap. Still congratulations Tacha. Proud of you still. Life must begin from somewhere

Oh but hold on, Tacha never said she bought a house. She only posted her new home and we bloggers jumped into conclusions that “Tacha bought a house in Lagos” etc. So don’t blame Tacha. Blame we bloggers😩😩😩.

See the post below:



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