Take a look at what my Girlfriend did with the cucumber I bought for her.

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My girlfriend has been asking me to buy cucumber for her while coming back from work, but I always forget. Just yesterday I bought it for her and this is what she did with it.

I came back from work the next day and met the following items in the palour:

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*spoons, including measuring spoons.


As I was looking at her with surprise, she asked me to watch her make use of the cucumber.

She started by blending the cucumber with the blender until the cucumber became like water paste.

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Then she used a sieve to separate all the solid particles from the paste.

The paste was looking so disgusting, she said that she had just make a cucumber face mask which is going to do a great work on her skin.

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After that, she went to wash her face and applied the cucumber paste on her face, and she left it for 15 minutes.

As she was applying the cucumber, she gently pressed the paste into her skin in a small circular motion which helps the ingredients in the cucumber to penetrate into her pores.

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After the 15 minutes, she washed with a warm water and thereafter, pat her face dry with a soft dry clothe.

When I asked her the meaning of all those drama, she explained thus:

“cucumber makes the skin smooth, and makes one feel good both inside and outside. It also helps to fight signs of aging, and also reduces puffiness and redness of the skin.”

What do you think should this cucumber mask? Does it really work?

Please drop your opinion at the comment section, thanks.

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