Treat malaria in three days

Malaria treatment in three days


* fresh leaves of moringa

* a lot of African lemongrass

* 1 unripe papaya

* 4 natural lemon

Preparation and employment:

• wash all the elements correctly,

• peel the immature papaya and cut into small pieces,

• cut the lemons in half each,

• gather all these elements in a glacier a little big,

• boil water in the fire and then pour over the glacial elements and close properly immediately,

• leave everything there for 1 hour before opening it.

• drink this tea as water all day long.

• At the end of the day discard these elements and the next day do the same composition and then the third day.

NB: you should drink this herbal tea instead of water every 3 days. You will urinate a lot during the day so do not panic. For children you must moderate the intake of herbal tea not to urinate on the bed extensively.

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