Avoid Cooking Rice With These Three Ingredients As They Destroy Our Organs

Most people don’t know that what they eat always affects their body system positively or negatively. Poor diet habit has caused thousands of people to suffer from one deadly disease or the other while hundreds of people die daily due to poor health conditions.

Certain health conditions like diabetes, cancer, bacteria and infections, kidney diseases, lung diseases, liver diseases, etc., can develop in the human body due to poor diet. You can reduce the risk of developing these deadly health conditions by eating healthy diets that are favorable to your body system.

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In this article, I will be discussing with you things you should stop cooking your rice with as they damage your body organs and increase your chances of developing a deadly health condition. As a man or woman, who wants to live longer on earth, you should limit the habit of eating in local canteens and the habit of eating junk foods that were prepared with unhealthy ingredients. Eating foods that are prepared with dangerous ingredients reduces our lifespan and exposes us to a good number of diseases and infections.

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Below are dangerous ingredients you should cook your rice with.

#1. Dirty water: Some people don’t know that boiling water doesn’t guarantee it is 100% germs-free. You should always use clean water to prepare your rice and avoid washing ingredients like fresh vegetables, crayfish, fish, and meat with dirty water. Don’t you think that boiling dirty water will completely kill all germs and bacteria available in the water? Be warned.

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#2. Artificial sweeteners and flavors: These are some of the dangerous ingredients most people use in cooking their foods. Using artificial seasonings to make your food taste nice increases your chances of developing deadly illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, fast heartbeat, kidney and liver diseases. Instead of using these ingredients in cooking, you should make use of crayfish, stockfish, dry/smoked fish, fresh vegetables, and meat to spice your meal.

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#3. Processed tomatoes, vegetables, and meat: Canned foods are very dangerous to our body organs as they contain excess sodium and artificial preservatives. These artificial ingredients increase blood pressure and increase the risk of developing kidney problems due to excess salt in the body.

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Note: My dear, you should eat foods that are favorable to your body system, this will boost your body system and reduce the risk of deadly health conditions. Be warned!

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