Unbelievable: 9 Foods You Eat Daily That Are Destroying Your Kidneys

Do you ever think about how your lifestyle affects your kidneys? Because chances are the food you’re eating is harmful to them. Did you know that an estimated 30 million people in the United States suffer from kidney disease? Let’s talk about 9 Foods That Are Currently Destroying Your Kidneys? Bananas, whole-wheat bread, avocados, and others?


Let’s get this one out of the way, cause like me, you’re probably shocked by this. On a menu of healthy foods, everyone tells you to eat, avocado is normally at the top. Every hipster and barista with man-bun can’t wait to tell you about that new avocado-flavored product they’ve been turned on to.

2. Oranges

Citrus is good for maintaining already healthy kidneys, but a kidney patient who’s trying to watch their health can be greatly affected by the amount of potassium– by the way you’re going to be hearing that word a lot in this video.

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3. Pickles

Anyways if you somehow are considering an all-pickle diet, you may want to check how your kidneys are doing first.

4. Apricots

These delicious fruits are known to be high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and copper. But again, if your kidneys are weak, a healthy diet you must seek… Again these can’t all be gems, people. One cup of dried apricots can hold up to 1500 mg of potassium.

5. Soda

Phosphorus is a key mineral of the human body. While it only comprises about 1% of your body weight, phosphorus is responsible for the formation of your bones and teeth. A healthy adult is recommended to consume between 800mg – 1200mg per day. Additive phosphorus however is not ideal for your health.

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6. Whole Wheat Bread

A single slice of whole-wheat bread carries around 57 mg of phosphorus and around 69 mg of potassium. If you’re making a sandwich, that’s 114 mg of phosphorus and 138 mg of potassium. And that’s just before adding the meat, which leads us into our next food…

7. Red Meat

A recent study showed that kidney patients with steady diets of red meat were three times more likely to develop kidney failure than those who eat clean veggies. This includes things such as pork, lamb, and beef. Yes, your precious jerky.

8. Spinach

If you have kidney stones, it is recommended that you consume around 40 to 50 mg of oxalates a day. Where does spinach enter the conversation? Well, it might be a food you want to steer clear of considering it contains around 100 mg a serving.

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9. Bananas

The average banana holds an estimated 422 mg of potassium. Since banana is just around 89 calories and absolutely delicious, it’s not uncommon for a person to eat more than one. Remember, you want 1500 – 2700 mg minimum if you’re a kidney patient. This means one banana could be roughly 15 – 28% of your daily potassium intake.

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