Happy Birthday Ọlájídé 🎂🎉

It is with great pleasure that I am here to celebrate another year of my life. I am grateful for surviving all the challenges throughout the last 365 days and turning a year older.

If today was a fabric, then it will have all the colours of happiness…for I was born on such a day to smile, to be happy for the gift of life. For the blessings that guide me.

Today begins the first day of another age.
For me, I want to taste life like it is new.
Let the sun remind me of how beautiful life is
May the rainbow bring colours of laughter to me
So years from now I will grow like a baby.

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On this special day, I celebrate the effort and hard work I have put in to get this far. I wish myself everlasting joy and the greatest accomplishments in the year to come.

More than anything, I would like to thank the Almighty God for the gift of life and happiness. As I celebrate yet another birthday, I pray for continuous breakthroughs and blessings forevermore.

As the new year starts for me, I am thankful for the past experiences and the hope for a better tomorrow.

For so long, I have overcome the greatest challenges. I am grateful to God, my family, and friends for holding me down and keeping me at bay. More importantly, you.. reading this right now. I say a big THANK YOU, and do not forget to say a word of prayer for me in the comment section, it will really mean a lot to me.

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  1. Happy birthday to my very first boss, may the good lord continue to keep, guide n protect u now n always….age gracefully boss of live

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