4 Heathy Things To Do Immediately After Intimacy With Your Partner

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Do you know there are certain medically advised things every man and woman should do after copulating? These things are not bad or evil but common healthy habits that can save you from minor diseases and bacterias, so they are highly advised.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some healthy things to do immediately after meeting your partner. By meeting, I mean after having sexual intercourse with your partner, make sure you do these 4 things. They are highly advisable and the reasons why you should do them would be made known to us all in the foregoing.

1. The first thing you should consider doing immediately after having sex or meeting your partner is washing up. You don’t necessarily have to hop into the shower immediately after making love, but just get up walk into the shower and gently clean the area around or surrounding your genitals with warm water. Don’t wash inside your genitals as a woman, just wash the surroundings and ensure it is completely clean. This way bacterias that are capable of causes urinary tract infection won’t get into your private part easily.

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2. Urinate; this is actually one of the most important things to do immediately after meeting your partner. Urinating saves you from contracting some bacterias that might have made their way into your urethra while making love. Whether you’re a man or woman, ensure you urinate immediately or some seconds after Copulation that get rid of bacterias that made their way into your genitals during Copulation.

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3. Drink a Glass of Water; this is another thing you must do immediately after Copulation. This is because the more water you drink, the higher your chances of urinating and since Urinating means getting rid of possible bacterias that made their way into your body, it’s not a bad idea in anyway. This has been proven to be very effective and also very good, so make sure you drink a glass of water after Copulation with your partner.

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4. Wear Loose fitting Undies; this is another thing you should consider doing after Copulation with your partner. Reason being that sweaty and tight clothing after sex might promote the production of yeast and many other infections, so it’s a good idea for one to put on loose fitting Undies after Copulation to allow air pass into the body thus reducing your chances of developing strange bacterias.

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