Scholarships for International Students at Tulane University, USA

Scholarships for International Students at Tulane University, USA
Scholarships for International Students at Tulane University, USA

Please note: This is a required form for all non US Citizen or Permanent Residents. Any student not eligible for Federal need based aid must complete this form. Tulane University will not review a student’s application for admission, or issue an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility, which is essential to obtain a United States visa, until this form has been returned to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. The purpose of this form is to certify that you can provide the finances necessary for tuition cost and living expenses during the school year.

You should certify the maximum dollar amount you and your family can comfortably contribute on a yearly basis, up to $82,912. Regardless of the amount certified, students can be equally considered for merit and need-based scholarships. The maximum needbased financial aid awarded by Tulane to international students is $23,000 per year. The maximum merit-based scholarship (requiring strong SAT or ACT scores) students are automatically considered for is $32,000 annually. Therefore, to receive admission by the earliest date possible, you should certify that you can provide at least $50,912 ( = $82,912 minus $32,000).


If the amount a student certifies combined with merit and need-based scholarships we are able to offer is below $82,912, we may not be able to offer admission at that time. Those students will be evaluated for admission again later in the year when applications for full tuition merit scholarships (valued at $56,684 annually) become available. As our largest possible award is $56,684, at an absolute minimum students need to certify $26,228 ( = $82,912 minus $56,684) to cover room, meal plan, and other costs. Merit-based awards may require a separate application, visit for more information.

The information provided on the Declaration and Certification of Finances must be true and accurate. The inclusion of false information is grounds for dismissal from Tulane. Failing to submit the form in a timely manner will delay your admission, registration, and visa. Please be aware that a student visa does not permit you to work off campus in the United States.

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