How To Watch DStv Channels For Free Without Paying Subscription Fees

How to watch dstv for free
You can now watch DStv channels for free, thanks to the lockdown!! If you are like some many people without DStv or you are just too financially strained to include DStv subscription to your monthly budget, keep on reading. Because there is now a way to watch select DStv channels for free without paying subscription fees.

Access to information has been a major priority in this lockdown period that the nation is in. Parents and children are stuck at home and there is much need for some form of entertainment, with DStv Now, you can sign up and watch channels for free without paying any subscription fees.

Multichoice, who owns DStv worked with local and international news channels in mid-March to add 24-hour news coverage to the DStv Now for free. The intent was to help all South Africans stay up to date with announcements and developments, and the results so far are encouraging. Usage of the service has increased 20% since the lockdown began, and peak usage is up 80% compared to pre-crisis peaks.

How to watch dstv for free
You can watch select DStv channels for free using DStv Now
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The channel aims to prepare children for when schools reopen. Mindset PoP will deliver live lessons daily, with six fresh hours every day. A website is available for parents to download worksheets and information sheets to work through with expert teachers. Lessons are based on the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (Caps) and are also aligned to the Cambridge curriculum.

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DStv has also opened up Channel O for music lovers, PBS for the kids on extended holidays, SuperSport Play and Christian-based channel TBN.

In addition, episodes of some of South Africa’s best-loved soapies are available free, including Igazi, The River, Isibaya, Binnelanders, Suidooster and Die Ware Naarheid.

How to watch DStv channels for free :

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign Up.
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Click Create An Account.
  5. Provide your ID, smartcard or customer number. If you’re not subscribed to DStv, scroll to the bottom and choose Skip.
  6. Name your profile and set your profile pic.
  7. Start watching.

Please note that this free service is currently limited to South Africa.

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To watch on your mobile device, you must download the DStv Now app for Android or iOS. DStv Now is an online streaming service that will require data.

Speaking about the free news and educational channels, Niclas Ekdahl, CEO of the Connected Video division of MultiChoice, said: “We’re extremely grateful to all of the channel providers for being so willing to work with us to help all South Africans through this unprecedented lockdown period. Thanks to their support we’re able to keep people informed, keep kids’ educations going, and keep people entertained.”

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