Nigerian engineer invents drone to detect kidnappers, terrorists’ hideouts

Nigerian robotics engineer, Dr. Olusola Ayoola, has invented a carbon emission tracker drone that is capable of detecting hideouts of terrorists and kidnappers.

The innovative capability of the drone surveillance is capable of discovering caves and forest areas inhabited by criminals, the engineer and founder of Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria revealed in an interview with TechDigest.

“We discovered the Carbon Emission Detection Based Aerial Surveillance which allows for a drone to sniff out hideouts through the carbon their activities emit. As long as human life exists in a forested location, there must be carbon emission, be it under a cave, under a canopy or inside a bunker.

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“This novel solution comes with a barrage of many other possibilities and insight into how we can bring back security to our dear nation and other nations in Africa. We cannot overemphasize the role of geospatial intelligence. So, wherever government cannot be physically present, government’s intelligence must always be.

“With this new technology, we can quickly scan the entirety of our forests and games reserves to generate a real map of which spots of these hitherto assumed uninhabited forests have suddenly spiked up in human activities.

“If this is an indication of a criminal enclave rapidly developing across the country, then it helps us nip the growth in the bud before it becomes another combative force’’, he said.

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