Avoid Cooking Rice With These Two Ingredients As They Destroy Our Organs

A lot of people prefer eating rice to consuming other food. It is the most consumed food in the world. Young people prefer to eat it and that’ s why mothers do cook the food for at least twice in a week.

Often, mothers makes mistakes while preparing the food. This is because they don’ t know the health consequences associated with their mistakes in preparing the meal. The good thing is that we can always upend our mistakes as it borders cooking for our own benefit.

People who prepare fried rice makes use of artificial color to make the food look greenish. This is very bad. You expose your body to cancer when you start cooking rice with artificial color

Some adults, especially Male adults prefer purchasing already- cooked rice instead of making it themselves. The reason is often because maybe they don’ t have the time to cook or they don’ t know how to cook the food. They buy the food without even thinking about how it was made. Outdoor rice are always made with too many ingredients to make the food taste better and is because of the taste that people rush back often to make their own purchase. Some mothers have also joined the league of outdoor cooks as they use different type of ingredients to prepare their rice.

Most of these ingredients are very dangerous and shouldn’ t be used by anyone that likes his or her life or the life of people he/she is serving the food. Some ingredients we use in preparing rice is no different from poison. They are very poisonous and can kill at anytime. That’ s why we listed below, two types of ingredients you should never use in preparing your rice. These ingredients can damage your entire organs if used consistently.

  1. Artificial color

Artificial sweetener

In other to taste better, people add artificial sweetener to their meal and is very dangerous. Artificial sweetener damages the Brain cells and can cause huge damage in the core organs.

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