The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Scholarships, Fees and Expenses

PolyU recognises the achievements of outstanding prospective and current students. Scholarships are offered to outstanding local and non-local students alike.

Entry Scholarship

These scholarships are for students who have performed outstandingly at high school, prior to studying at PolyU. Interview would be arranged for scholarship applicants. Applicants who wish to be considered for PolyU Entry Scholarship should fill in the scholarship application section via eAdmission. Those who are awarded the merit-based scholarships will be notified when they are offered a place at PolyU.

 Types  Amount in HKD  Amount in USD 
 Full Scholarship  HKD195,000/year  USD25,000/year
 Full Tuition Waiver  HKD145,000/year  USD18,600/year
 Half Tuition Waiver  HKD72,500/year  USD9,300/year


Faculty Scholarship

Scholarships Offered by Departments of the Faculty of Humanities

The Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies and the Department of English of the Faculty of Humanities offer additional scholarships to outstanding international students based on their academic merit and interview performance.

For details of faculty/school-based scholarships, please contact the individual department/faculty directly for the latest information.

Post Entry Scholarship

These scholarships are for students who are already studying at PolyU and are awarded on the basis of academic and/or non-academic achievements. These scholarships are normally awarded on academic merit and/or according to other specific conditions as stipulated by the donors. Some are specifically intended for travel so that students can broaden their professional knowledge and widen their personal horizons.


Other Scholarships and Bursaries

Most scholarship candidates are nominated by the Heads of academic departments, but some scholarships are open to competition. For details, please visit here. PolyU students can also go to here for additional information on scholarships, bursaries and financial assistance.

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