Kylie Jenner flies to Miami for Dick

Kylie Jenner made a big gesture for her baby daddy, Travis Scott — flying across the country to be by his side as he celebrates his birthday.


She zipped over to Miami Sunday, and joined Trav for a group dinner at Komodo.

They also broke bread at a private table.

She was on hand for the post-dinner clubbing too, and didn’t try to hide her appearance either.

In fact, she captured some flirtatious horseplay between them both which, at first glance, suggests something’s up.



On her IG Story, Kylie recorded Travis dancing up near her … and her playing footsie with him. He dished out some affection too, grabbing a hold of Kylie’s leg and giving her several love taps.


You could see all this and think … yeah, they’re fully back together. Or it could all be friendly — it’s hard to really say at this point.

If they are back, though … it doesn’t look like they’re trying to be low-key about it at all.

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