Heartbreaking Video of An Alleged Nigerian ‘Yahoo’ Girl Talking to Her Client


A video is currently trending on social media allegedly showing a woman suspected to be an internet fraudster speaking with a suspected victim.

The innocent looking girl had to change her accent to sound foreign in order to deceive the victim who is obviously in another part of the world.

It is also possible that the girl, an accomplice of fraudster was hired to act and talk like a white woman in order to get the victim believe that he’s actually speaking with a white woman.

The victim might have been communicating with a yahoo boy and after a long time, the white man decided he would love to speak with the lady he has been communicating with.

That was when the yahoo boy then got his girl involved and asked her to pretend as if she is the one the white man has been chatting with on social media.

The young lady can be heard asking about a card, which it is believed her boyfriend had asked the white man for, via his catfish account.

Watch the video below:

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