Burna Boy and Wizkid’s Grammy Success: Its Implication on Davido’s Career

When Burna Boy came close to grabbing a Grammy award last year (only to fall short), opinions were divided: His naysayers were merry about his failure and could barely contain their joy. One Twitter user even went as far as writing: “Thank God Burna no win this Grammy. We for no hear word again!” To think it was a fellow Nigerian putting out that tweet made it even more baffling. His fans and neutrals, on the other hand, were quite optimistic that the controversial artiste was closer, than any Nigerian artiste has ever come, in recent times, to winning the coveted award.

Wizkid performs alongside Burna Boy

Fast forward a year later, (2021), and Burna Boy finally bagged the Grammy award! The scene further served to provide a double dose of good news as fellow Nigerian singer, Wizkid, also bagged a Grammy award on the same night. Nigerians were overjoyed (at least the ones who wished them well). In the midst of all the celebrations and accolades pouring in, the naysayers had no choice but recoil to their shells and close both ears! Success does have a way causing both noise and silence at the same time! It was Burna Boy’s turn to say “Fem”!

While the euphoria of the award is still in the air, it is curious to find out how the successful feat of these Nigerian and African music big shots will have on a fellow music big shot—Davido, the one whose “geng” have “30 billion in the account”!


Davido is currently among the three biggest Nigerian musicians of recent times (Burna Boy and Wizkid inclusive). His songs are always sure to trend and he does know his onions when it comes to marketing his works. However, while he cannot be accused of not being hardworking, many point to “tu le,” “e choke” and other slang he peddles, as messages that do not really influence the society or address any social ill.

Burna Boy’s fans will go on to argue that, “monsters you made,” as well as other recent works of the celebrity, addresses social ills, just like Fela’s long before him. Wizkid’s fans also weigh in, with the notion that the track, “brown skin girl”, in which the Star Boy CEO featured, helps spread the message against racism and coincides with the ‘Black Lives Matter” campaign globally.

There is, thus, an anticipation that this criticism and comparison will hopefully push Davido to putting out even more quality music out there capable of getting a Grammy nomination or a win, probably next year, or in the foreseeable future.


When Burna Boy and Wizkid bagged their Grammy awards, it was quite clear to most music observers that they had started laying the foundation for their success long before. Wizkid was first to break into the U.S terrain, working on different tracks with greats like Drake, Beyonce, and other notable names like, French Montana, Tinie Tempah, Chris Brown, to name a few.

Burna Boy has also been heavily involved on the foreign scene, with international collaborations with SIA, Justin Beiber, Stormzy, Sam Smith and other heavyweights. It is little wonder that all that hard work culminated in him bagging a Grammy.

While Davido has also featured in quite a number of international collaborations, aside from the collaboration with Chris Brown, the bulk of them have all been heavily criticized for, either being too average, or being done just for the sake of a collaboration. It is, therefore, expected that Davido will look at this area and focus on putting out better quality sounds with international acts—sounds that are befitting of a Grammy status.

It is quite understandable if the recent success of Burna Boy and Wizkid creates bragging rights over Davido (that was certainly bound to happen). Nonetheless, it all depends on Davido to, either forever bow to this feat and never achieve same, or, charge himself to up his game and achieve a Grammy award. If the latter becomes the case, then he can sit back, celebrate the same success and once again “tell Odogwu we like to party”!

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