Singer, Barry Jhay Is Undergoing Therapy Over Kashy Godson’s Death

Without the shadow of a doubt, the past two weeks have been one of the most trying times for popular Nigerian singer, Oluwakayode Balogun, who is more popularly known as Barry Jhay.

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This is because of the sad death of his record label boss, Babatunde Abiodun, aka Kashy Godson.

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It will be recalled that Godson, 27, died on March 7, 2021, after jumping from a storey building in Ghana, minutes after his signee, Barry Jhay, posted a video of himself bleeding from the mouth after a severe beating by the deceased.

CCTV footages and the testimony of an eye witness who saw all that transpired were what eventually vindicated Barry Jhay, who was regarded as a suspect. When Saturday Beats reached out to the singer’s family, his legal representative and the principal partner of Whitestone Solicitors and Consultancy, Tope Salami, disclosed that his client was undergoing therapy.

He said, “Barry Jhay has basically survived through divine strength, sincerity of purpose, a working Ghanaian system and a team that comprises of friends, family, and fans. From the onset, he did not entertain any fear because he was sure of his innocence. However, we made sure we locked him out of social media for his own mental health. But, he is still in a state of shock and disbelief. It was a traumatising experience and with time, he would reappear on the scene. His therapy has commenced.

“He is thankful for his vindication. Every moment he spent with Kashy was memorable to him. Kashy was not just a friend to my client; he was a brother and a boss. His memories will be kept alive. Barry Jhay misses him every day. It is also very important to have good parents. During this period, Barry Jhay’s mum showed motherly love. Though she was disturbed, she stood by him all through.”

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The singer’s mother also told Saturday Beats that it was a trying time for her.

She said, “I don’t like any form of publicity or noise. I am a cool person. I can only tell you that God is faithful. It was not easy for him (Barry Jhay) at all. He only travelled for his music and things turned out that way. However, God came to his aid, and people stood up for him. It was a sad incident for everyone because both he and his boss are young. I could not sleep for days. For three days, I did not take food or water and I did not feel hungry.”

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