US surpasses 30 million Covid-19 cases amid vaccinations


The US has now surpassed 30 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.[the_ad id=”1959″]

Coronavirus cases nationwide reached 30,001,245 on Wednesday, nearly three months after the country hit 20 million.

COVID-19 related deaths now total more than 545,000.

The new milestone comes as public health experts show cautious optimism three months into the US vaccination rollout.

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It is believed that 70 percent of Americans 65 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine and COVID-19 deaths are below 1,000 a day on average for the first time since November.

The federal government is dramatically ramping up vaccine production and several states have already expanded vaccination eligibility to people age 16 and up.

More than 124 million cases have been confirmed worldwide.

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