‘My marriage is very much intact’, Gabriel Afolayan opens up on his rumoured crashed marriage

Gabriel Afolayan has opened up on his rumoured crashed marriage.

Recently, his marriage to beautiful Adebanke Afolayan was rumored to have crashed, but Gabriel, in this interview with City People Assistant Editor, Sunday Adigun , says his marriage is intact and also spoke about his career and the success story of the Afolayan dynasty. Below are the excerpts of the interview. Excerpt below..

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Congratulation you on your birthday. How was it. What came to your mind on that day?

It’s a good feeling, celebrating another year. What else can a man do than to give thanks to God. It feels good. It’s an honour, to still be alive.

How has it been keeping your relevance in the movie industry?

It’s work, for the fact that they celebrate us, it’s the dividend of the hard work.

For me it’s like asking somebody, how has your working experience been so, far?

So it’s hard work all the way, and I am thankful for everything and at the same time the ability and the grace to wake up every day and still do what you know how to do best. In our kind of job, there is no retirement age until you are physically tired until your body says you are not okay for this anymore. And I keep saying it to people what you owe this industry is to be good at what you do, because no matter what, even if you back down or go somewhere else, or you say you want to take a break if you are back you are back. So, there is no ending to the process. A new era of actors will come, another era will go.

I also heard your marriage is broken, do you want us to talk about it?

That’s actually personal to me. I really don’t want my personal life out there; I always keep that out of the media not because of anything but it is just a personal principle for me. Nevertheless, my marriage is very much intact.

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Yes, I heard about the rumours too, but you know, there is no marriage that doesn’t have it’s own challenges, but we have settled it. My wife just travelled out of the country, and we are very much okay. Just because I didn’t say anything or make it go viral for those looking for sensational stories, they think otherwise. But my marriage is intact.

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